Whilst sharing many of the proven ingredients of Revive, Marine Revive is a specially created formula for marine engines.

As the salt air taken in to the engine has a detrimental effect on the many alloy and some rubber components, Marine Revive has been formulated to break down the carbon deposits, and clean them through the engine, it also includes some inhibitors to help protect the alloy components, therefore prolonging component life and increasing engine efficiency.


Revive treatments are water based and fully biodegradable. Being non-toxic or solvent based, they are safe to use and store as they are non-flammable.

Using Revive will help restore the engines performance by cleaning the turbo and other internal components, this also helps the engine to perform more efficiently aiding fuel economy and reduces exhaust emissions.


The entire family of Revive treatments have been derived from proven aviation technology, where jet turbines need cleaning without the use of solvents or any combustible cleaning agent. Our treatments benefit from being water based, simple and safe to use and store, there are no health warnings or special clothing needed to use any Revive treatment, making them the first choice for eco friendly boat owners.